To all St Louis Cards fans…thank you thank you thank you

Okay game two of the hostage crisis I like to call the Uverse-Fox Sports Midwest black out feud is in full effect.  Two down and only 18 to go as it states on FSMW’s website, and as the Uverse representative so politely told me on the phone today, unless this gets worked out….let it be said that Uverse offered me a credit on my account but that’s not what I want, I want to WATCH THE GAMES DUHHHH! But again that’s from my earlier REALLY? (see previous)

No, today I want to say that there is a reason in my heart I truly believe that we fans in Cardinal Nation are the best fans in baseball.  Sure we get mad at our team when it doesn’t produce, when it blows saves, when it grounds into yet another DP or commits another dumb error.  But that’s all we are, is “mad” at our team, because we know that the experts don’t think too highly of us… you know the Keith Law’s of the world who just relish in the fact that the Cardinals are struggling.  Or the John Kruk’s or other pundits who just see this team as “average” without our stud pitcher Adam Wainwright (note: how Kyle McClellan has responded oh so wise experts).  And of course with the early struggles by one Albert Pujols, it is a doubter and Cardinals haters dream come true that our team struggles.   But through it all, even though we are mad when they mess up, we are still fans.  We still love the team for what it is, a contender year in and year out.  You know it’s funny how fans of other teams come crawling out of the woodwork when their teams suddenly contends which I’ll get to later.  But we Cardinals fans, it’s what we look forward too every April through September and into October most years, again unlike every team.  So with that said last night while sitting at home on a Monday night where my choices should have been to DVR House and Chuck and WWE Raw and watch later because my St Louis Cardinals were on FSMW, instead was reduced to and not that I’m complaining mind you but reduced to listening to the game on KMOX 1120.  Now I am a huge fan of Mike Shannon as I think he’s truly one of the remaining legends in the broadcast booth.  But again I want to “SEE” the game I’m paying 150 bucks a month for… I can even handle muting the TV to listen to the radio, but I want to at least have that option.  But because of the awesome St Louis Cardinals fans on twitter, which I am on ALOT, they not only gave me killer updates, but provided some cool pics because they could watch the game when I and the Mrs. could not.  For doing that guys and gals I say a great big THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! You see it’s kind of an thing for us all to get on and chit chat about the game as it happens, and talk about the things we like (see Lance Berkman’s first two HR’s as a member of the Cardinals-although I didn’t…ooops sorry rambling there, to John Jay’s blast, to Kyle McClellan’s first ever W as a Redbirds starter).  It was very cool of you all to keep us updated when the radio was acting up and we could no longer hear the game.  Bummer that tomorrow’s game is also one of the 20 black out dates and Chris Carpenter’s on the mound and I’d like to see that rather than hear about it…oh well.  But I can count on you all out there to keep us updated, which is why I believe again we have such awesome fans!

You’ll never see this Cardinals fan, oh I may get mad, but never abandon my team.  Another thing you will never see me do is disrespect other teams fans.  Oh I may do a little competitive banter but call other teams or their fans vulgarities, not going to happen.  I say this because it seems certain teams fans have crawled out of the pits of someplace nasty to say some disgusting stuff to not just me but other of my fellow Cardinals fans.  I won’t dignify any of them by naming them or the teams they are “fans” of, just to say that you’re definitely not representing your team very well.  It makes me think of the ugly incident that occurred in Los Angeles on opening weekend when fans of the SF Giants were beaten by Dodgers fans after the game.  Why? Because of a stupid rivalry, guys it’s just a freaking game! I may, dislike other teams but that’s because of who I am a fan of.  It’s not personal, it’s never personal but to take it to that level, or to the level of using slanderous vulgar comments, well thats not fan-dom, that’s something much much worse.  Which is why I’m a proud fan of the St Louis Cardinals.  My fellow fans love our team, we may get mad at them, but abandon them… not happening.  To those that are true fans of other organizations that are respectful, my STL hat’s off to you and I enjoy the banter.  To those that choose to get nasty and make it personal…..


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2 Responses to To all St Louis Cards fans…thank you thank you thank you

  1. Nicole says:

    Good post. I am very angry right now with Uverse. There is no amount of credit they can give for not showing these games! But be sure to get that credit anyway! 🙂

  2. Bryon says:

    It’s nice to see that you are a respectful but die hard fan but if I couldn’t watch all of my Rockies games though like U-verse is doing to Cardinals fans I would throw my receiver out the front window. Honestly I am glad that I can get my Rockies games locally when they’re not national, but missing 20 games; no way! I saw one of the U-verse blacked out games on Fox Sports Midwest with my DISH Network employee package because I have the Multi-sports package but it only $7 a month which is $3 cheaper than U-verse. If you’re not in a local black out area I would switch to DISH if I were you.

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