The Hostage Crisis Gm 3

As of this writing the St Louis Cardinals are in a real AL slugfest with the D-Backs, and I’m fixing to call it a night but listening to KMOX and hoping for the best.  This is Game 3 of the Hostage Crisis that is the Uverse/Fox Sports Midwest greed feud that is only hurting us fans.

I went to Fox Sports Midwest’s website to see exactly what to expect in the coming weeks, as you know we are going to be blacked out of 20 games total (3 of which are over at the end of this night).  But I found it interesting some of the games we will miss, just take a gander at some of the opponents:

Cincinnati 4 times (May 13 and 15, July 17 and Sep 4)
Philadelphia 2 times (Jun 22 and 23)
Kansas City once (May 22)
Toronto once (Jun 16)
LA Dodgers once (Apr 17)
Florida twice (May 2 and Aug 7)
Milwaukee once (June 12)
Atlanta once (May 1)
Washington twice (Apr 19 and June 14)
Colorado once (Aug 14)
and Arizona once more (July 10)

That’s the gist of the teams, I mean Thank God no Cubs games in there, but of importance to me is the 4 times vs the Reds, which to me is as important now based on events last year and the start of this year.
Someone told me, well hey go to a Sports Bar, but I don’t want to have to leave my home if I want to watch the Cardinals play.  What’s really bad is that both sides are playing the “they said, they said” game with us.  So it just depends on who you want to listen to or believe, but in my honest opinion both sides need to step up and fix this soon.  The clock is ticking my fellow Cardinal fans, and the first Cincinnati game we would miss is a month away, and I don’t want to be forced to go out to watch the game.  Again, not to take anything away from Mike Shannon and John Rooney, but seeing is better.

Tonight’s game was not one for the pitching staffs to brag about, we all know Chris Carpenter is better than that, it’s just one of those nights.  But still we “the blacked out” folks didn’t get to witness our offense finally waking up the past two nights.  We didn’t get to witness the D-Back’s manager Kirk Gibson go ballistic, things like that and that’s a shame.  We didn’t get to see Lance Berkman’s third homer for the Cardinals in two days.  We didn’t get to witness David Freese, or Colby go yard.  Put simply if we want to see the highlights we have to wait until either MLB Network, which as of this writing is busy with the Dodgers-Giants game, or ESPN which is currently showing NFL Live.  I’m a huge NFL fan, can’t wait for the season so I can have my Fantasy Football drafts again, but now is not the time as I’m wanting to see the Cardinals highlights.  So right now I am at the mercy of those in charger, oh and as of this writing the Cards are playing and I’m getting the World Poker Tour on Fox Sports Midwest.  Poker vs the St Louis Cardinals game?


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2 Responses to The Hostage Crisis Gm 3

  1. Danny says:

    At least you got to see the…cards. Haha but yeah this war between cable networks and providers is pretty bad. We don't have this in Royalsland as far as I know but they show 10 less games to start with.So, what should the NFL fantasy strategy be if we have a 20 week (18 game) season starting in October? – Danny

  2. Nicole says:

    Yay us we get to finally see a game tonight!

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