My first of many

Okay I was going to start my very first “official” blog by slamming the Cardinals for finding new ways to lose every night.  I was going to say how Ryan Franklin has as many blown saves (3) as Chris Perez (3), who was deemed “not closer material” by the higher ups.  I was going to slam the defense for playing lackluster and committing unacceptable errors.  I was going to slam the whole Albert Pujols situation as I still think that no matter what folks say has got to be playing a part in this slide.  The chemistry on this team just seems “off” I was going to slam all of that and more, especially when it ruins what was a great bowling game for me last night at a local tournament….I was so mad at the results that my bowling game went in the tank (there will be bowling posts in here from time to time as it’s as much a passion as the St Louis Cardinals), but thats later.

No today the target of my ticked off-ness is none other than AT&T Uverse, for not showing the game! I mean no matter how mad I am at the team, it’s still my team and I will be a fan no matter, through thick and thin and all that stuff.  If I choose not to watch, well that’s my choice not yours.  Who the heck are you to decide when I can and can’t watch my team???? So to the braintrust at AT&T Uverse all I can say is…..


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One Response to My first of many

  1. Nicole says:

    They will be getting an ear full!

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