60 Minutes

Okay I was going to wait until tomorrow but I absolutely, positively had to do this NOW!

I just watched the 60 minutes segment featuring our own MVP Albert Pujols and I again had, had, had to respond.  Now it’s very obvious that Albert is struggling right now and you’d have to be blind not to see it, however let’s put this in perspective shall we?

This is game 9 of 162, which even with the new math means there are 153 games left and one would have to be blind to think that Albert Pujols will not come around.  I, for one am not worried, because if anything his work ethic will not allow him to suck.  I know that the contract is weighing on his mind, as well as all of Cardinal Nation, and thats a ton of weight on one man’s shoulders.  I mean imagine millions of Cardinals fans stopping whatever they are doing to watch the man swing a bat.  Albert Pujols IS the face of the St Louis Cardinals, and if you don’t believe me think back to when the All Star Game was in St Louis a few years back.  He was everywhere, promoting the city and the Cardinals Organization.  Now it’s time for the Cardinals Organization to do the same and promote him, and by that I mean … PAY THE MANG!

Watching the 60 Minutes segment has in my opinion placed the front office of the Cardinals (Mo, Mr DeWitt) in the ominous position of wearing the “Black Hat” if they fail to do so.  Watching the replay of Albert going deep off of Brad Lidge in 2005, listening to the likes of Lance Berkman and Peter Gammons praise him.  Peter Gammons tabbed Albert one of the 20 best players in Major League history, right now.  Not years from now, right now and it’s been stated if he hung it up he’s in Cooperstown 5 years later.  So how on God’s Green Earth can the ownership NOT do whatever is necessary to make Albert Pujols a “Cardinal for Life”?  The statue should already be under construction to put out in front of Busch Stadium right next to Stan Musial.  You see and hear the pride in his voice when he talks about being passed over in the draft, and you know he’s a competitor that will give his all.  You hear the statements he makes about being clean, about not drinking, not smoking etc…. and you see the likes of Manny Ramirez getting caught yet again, and you see teams like the Chicago Cubs who will clearly overpay a player.  You see that when he first broke into the bigs he was making a whopping $252 plus every two weeks. You see what he does for the kids with Downs Syndrome.  You see what he did with the bat that hit HR #400, taking it to a local hospital to a young man who could not see the game live,  and you see a man who’s relationship with God shouts of a Man who does NOT CHEAT like see Manny above, see Barry Bonds, see Roger Clemens etc.. and there’s no way ownership can afford to again wear the “Black Hat” of the villain.  I believe in my heart that Albert will end his career wearing the Birds on the Bat, however I would be an idiot if I didn’t see a scenario where the Cubs pay Albert a 10 year contract for the 300 mil plus he wants, just to stick it to the Cardinals.  Heck look at what they paid Alfonso Soriano if you need proof they spend the money.  I say it’s time to end this and do the right thing and make #5 a Cardinal for life! And it’s not like the Cardinals don’t have the income to surround him with quality players, which I believe Albert Pujols wants to see from his bosses, a commitment to win.  It just can’t happen, Albert Pujols wearing another uniform next year?


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